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1 - This is an 18+ sim, meaning players must be 18 years old or older to participate. Any player found in violation of this rule will be removed immediately.

2 - All players who join will conduct themselves in good sense and manner among the community, in and out of character. Discriminatory behavior, harassment, aggressive or threatening behavior and anything else that creates a hostile and unaccepting environment of any kind is not tolerated.

3 - This sim utilizes Nova and Discord as communication methods. Nova’s primary usage is for in-game posts but is an avenue to direct message players and staff as the situation warrants. Discord is a general purpose communication means to allow for community engagement. These are to be kept free of topics that could be seen as controversial or divisive and maintain a level of respect and decorum.
3a - Nova is not to be utilized for posting player statuses openly. News items are reserved only for staff personnel regarding sim-wide announcements. LOAs and other items are to be communicated directly to staff to avoid openly discussing sensitive topics.
3b - If anyone is unable/unwilling to utilize Discord, this must be communicated to staff at the time of application and must remain responsive via other means, such as email. It is also their responsibility to remain alert for any status changes regarding the sim that are posted via Nova.

4 - This sim adheres to the minimum posting requirements of Pegasus Fleet - 2 posts per player per month. These posts must be substantive and advance the plot - both of which are at the discretion of sim staff to judge if they are meeting said criteria in a given month.
4a - Players are responsible for proactively communicating in the event they feel they are not able to maintain the posting requirement in a given month. This must be communicated to staff as soon as possible but does not require any formal declarations to be made - dialogue with staff will open what avenues need to be taken on a case by case situation.
4b - Players who do not communicate and do not post in a given month will be contacted by staff. If no response is made, staff will assume departure from the sim and remove the player and associated character from the sim.
4c - This removal does not necessitate a ban or any state not permitting the player to return. Any player who departs in good faith is allowed to return and may resume with their character or create a new one.

5 - Due to the fact that this sim is not specifically associating its content with any given material, there is a fair degree of latitude being given regarding characters. However, there are considerations that must be made and all submitted bios and characters are subject to case by case approval or rejection at any time - even after approval. It is encouraged that if an applicant is unclear if their character will be in violation to contact a sim staff member prior to application.
5a - Characters must be made with consideration that they are part of a team - even in a fantasy setting, no one character is perfect or overly-skilled. It is highly recommended for every merit or talent they have, that an equal or greater number of flaws be added as well that act to counterbalance.
5b - Even in a fantasy setting, characters should not be in a position to be so powerful that they can resolve a plot on their own with minimal effort. This is not a game to “win” or “break” - it is a cooperative writing effort.
5c - Characters are to be made with the basis that they are contributing members of the team. Creating difficulties or hardships to deliberately sideline one’s own character or to pursue their own stories at the exclusion of all others are not acceptable at any time, except in cases of agreed and approved story conditions with the understanding that they are temporary.
5d - Characters that are just recreations of existing characters in other franchises are not permitted. All characters must be at least original creations of the player, with resuses of OCs permitted but cannot be 1:1 transfers (ie: a Star Trek OC still acting the part of that setting). Characters may be inspired by existing characters in other franchises, but a clear and substantive distinction between the existing material and the original character must be made.
5e - Where applicable, the Pegasus Fleet Restricted Character Policy is in full effect at all times.
5f - Players may create NPCs only with the approval of sim staff - these characters must still meet the same requirements and posting cannot be affected negatively in regards to content or pace with the player’s main character.
5g - Editing a bio after approval must be done with sim staff approval. Doing so without approval is grounds for immediate removal and banning from the sim.

6 - As a general blanket rule, this sim is to foster an atmosphere of enjoyment for all involved. It is the responsibility of all players and staff to ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment is freely available at all times and is to be free from harassment, abuse, discrimination and other hostile or toxic behavior, activities or themes.

The sim staff reserves the right to pursue action against any who are creating an environment that is not conducive to an enjoyable collaborative writing experience with any and all measures at their disposal. This can be anything from direct coaching and reprimands to immediate removal and banning from the sim as the situation warrants.