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Regular Dorian Cabrera

Name Dorian Jael Cabrera

Position Team Member

Rank Regular

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Satyr
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 11 in
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Dorian is a satyr – goatlike horns, pointed ears, furred lower body, and legs that end in sturdy hoofs. He has brown skin and long, curly dark brown hair. His clothing has a classic style, pieces salvaged from his former corporate life plus additions gleaned from thrift stores. He keeps himself healthy and fit

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talented with magic and related research, Dorian is confident in his field of expertise to the point of arrogance. He generally assumes his teammates are equally competent in their fields.

Dorian misses the material luxuries his past salary could provide, and finds indulgences (single malt whiskey, truffles, caviar, etc.) difficult to resist if offered. He is gregarious and nearly always ready to join a party, though he partakes of revelry in a responsible manner.

Vanity is among his greatest weaknesses. Do not even think about using his hair or skin care products, or hoof polish, which may or may not be hexed.
Strengths & Weaknesses +confident

Personal Goals Dorian wants to find a new purpose and put good out into the world.

He wants to find his half-sibling, although he's not certain his information about her existence is reliable.
Hobbies & Interests Revelry, taking delight in the simple things, good stories, art (creating and admiring), and he's a reasonably good cook.

Dorian will not eat animals of any kind blessed with hooves.

Personal History Dorian's mother Orinthia is an archaeologist, and most of Dorian's childhood memories involve dig sites, his mother's colleagues, and the crews his mother worked with, plus brief stints in academic settings. Orinthia is currently working a site in Peru in the region of the Nazca Lines.

When Dorian was in graduate school, he collaborated with his mother researching a relic found at a dig on the Isle of Skye, an ancient torc imbued with magic. Dorian wrote a paper and a research proposal that attracted the interest of a corporation headquartered in Grace point. It was Dorian's dream job, to get paid for doing the research that fascinated him.

Dorian's father Jael Amari was never a significant part of his life, but showed up on his doorstep unexpectedly about a year ago. Jael was quite ill and died a few days later of liver failure – the result of living his life irresponsibly. Before he died, Jael confessed to another offspring, a girl of 17 years born of a human mother. Dorian has been looking for his half-sister ever since.

Before his life's work was taken away, Dorian had a comfortable life. His salary did not make him wealthy, but did allow him to indulge in many of the finer material luxuries, which he sorely misses.
Career History Dorian was working for a large corporation headquartered in Grace Point as a researcher, developing a process to imbue mundane objects, including technology, with magic - a complex alchemic art that was lost to history but that he hoped to recreate.

Dorian was so focused on his pursuit of knowledge and the potential good that could come from his project, he overlooked how his research could be misused. Greedy corporate management tried to exploit his still-unstable process, and things went terribly wrong. Dorian was blamed for the explosion that destroyed his laboratory. The corporate lawyers insisted he was lucky to only be fired and not prosecuted. A non-disclosure agreement prevents him from working for the corporation's competitors, even if he wanted to.

Now, he's looking for work and a new purpose.