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Regular Asa Nox

Name Asa Nox

Position Team Member

Rank Regular

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Catian

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 105 lbs
Hair Color Tortoiseshell Grey and Orange
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Her slight build is somewhat hidden by her medium length fur. She has a slight slouch in her posture that looks natural in her movements. Her ears are short and usuall upright. Due to her years in the monestary, her clothing choices have remained consistent. She wears a simple tunic that goes down to her legs, which is cinched by her gun belt. She wears a pair of simple brown boots. On her belt she wears a revolver and rondel on each side, symbols of her training at the monestary. Around her neck is a two piece amulet, another symbol to her past. Two small simple haversacks criss cross her body underneath the gun belt to help distribute the weight, and lay behind her holsters. Over all of it she wears a simple cassock that hides it all, keeping only a couple buttons done on the garment and none on the elbow length cape. Most of the time she wears her sunglasses, finding the daylight too much.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Asa is a wayward soul that is always looking for a family. She is quite quiet and reserved, however extremely confident. She relishes the ability to enjoy the moment, and does so without much in the way of words. She is adept at her job, and quick to say when something is out of her league. Her greatest inspiration is the help of the community, which is an intrinsic value that drives her in most of her decisions.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is incredibly communal driven, which has its benefits and problems. She tries to always look at the whole and the not the individual. Between this and her years at the monestary, she has developed many friendships with the underground of the city.

Her skills as a healer have been honed over the years of immense study. She has a natural in tune connection with the world spirit. She can fight defensively, but never mastered the offensive skills. In the same vein, her situational awareness is keen for the surroundings, but tracking is not a strong suit. She can see exceptionally well at night however the daytime can be too bright, which makes her rely on her other senses.
Personal Goals She has two goals:

To destory the spirits and wells that destoryed the monestary and took her first real family from her.

To find a new family.
Hobbies & Interests She finds reading and meditation incredibly soothing. She spends a lot of time journaling and studying. Both her medical book and journal seem to never run out of pages.

She can play a few instruments but doesn't own any.

Personal History Born in the underground of Grace Point and to a large litter, Asa was quickly cast out as a weaker kitten. She tried to work to help make ends meet for her family, but soon found the streets a better home than her biological family. Quick to find lonliness, she begged and faught on the street to stay alive. She got lucky when a passing monk took pity and brought her back to the Monestary of Grace’s Elysian.

The Order of Elysian ran the monestary, which was a sanctuary for the young and sick of the city. Their goal was to nurse them back to health and promote community mentality, to hopefully have those they help aid others. Asa quickly became enchanted by the order, eventually taking the vow and joining as an apprentice. She quickly proved herself, being a natural born healer with the ability to commune with the strength of the natural spirits.

Before she could master every step of monkhood, the monestary was attacked by the same demons and spirits that they faught. Quickly being overwhelmed, those who weren't slaughtered or taken scattered into the night of the underground. Her mentor handed her his revolver, a sign of her full monkhood of an order that was all but gone.

Alone, she left the monestary in the hopes of finding herself a new family and home.
Career History Joined the Order of Elysian at 16.

Passed her first Covenant at 18, learning the basics of healing.

Passed her Second Covenant at 20, learning the basics of self defense.

Passed her Third Covenant at 22, learning the basics of fighting.

Passed her Fourth Covenant at 24, mastering the art of healing.

Passed her Fifth Covenant at 26, masering the art of self defense.

The Order of Elysian was destroyed shortly after, in which she became a wanderer.