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Regular Haren Moira

Name Haren Moira

Position Team Member

Rank Regular

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Harengon Lunus
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11" (6'11" with ears)
Weight 138lbs
Hair Color Golden Brown
Eye Color Blue. Very vlue
Physical Description Haren Moira stands tall and carries a sense of pride about her. As a Harengon Lunus, she's a rabbitfolk that can in theory trace her lineage back to the actual moon itself. Or so the legends go. She's very tall, very distracting, and very beautiful. There's a touch of the unnatural about her appearance. Sculpted, perhaps, or just lots of plastic surgery courtesy of a corpo ripper. Thin lines along her face and arms, lost under her fur, tell the story of extensive cybernetic modification. This is nowhere more apparant then along her back, where no amount of fur could hide the after-market modifications she had done to her own body to allow her to be the best at her job.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Moira was at one point on top of the world. She was a corporate fixer, paid well to either solve problems or cause them, depending on the bankroll. Incredibly technically proficient, while being skilled with guns when needed to deal with problems in the 'Meat World' more directly. Since her fall from grace she's had to learn to be more personable. More pleasant and not such an icy bitch all the time. She dreams of returning to the top of Olympus, but more and more each day she realizes that the doors to the garden are closed to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Moira is athletically skilled, though far from a master. She's more toned then honed. Her technical skills are next level, though. Cyberwarfare and computer hacking literally come naturally to her. Though, all that time spent in the Grid often leaves her cold and distant to the living.

She misses the old days. Power, prestige... she was on top of the world before her fall, and sometimes her demeanor and attitude reflect that.

For all her skill with cyberwarfare, all her skill with guns, she is woefully out of touch with the prospect of melee combat. Her time spent in the cushy penthouses of the corporate world have softened her hand-to-hand combat skills.

Her contacts within the mystical and underworld circles are quite extensive, though they by now have heard of her fall, and know that her pockets aren't as lined with riches as they were.
Personal Goals Moira's dream is to return to the top of the world and return to the life of luxury and plenty in the world of Japan's megacorporate world. Until then, her goal is to survive. Do what she needs to do to ensure that she either survives another day, or makes strides to return to the promised land.
Hobbies & Interests Moira enjoys movies and even animated features from home. She reads in her spare times, eBooks naturally. The nostalgia of print is dead to her. Board games are fun, especially games about vast wealth disparity and neighborhood take overs. Though she's something of a sore loser.

She stays fit, mostly because she likes how she looks and wants to stay a pleasant distraction. If people underestimate her, she wins. To that, a few laps on the treadmill work. As a hobby she tests the cybersecurity of various shops and institutions, leaving consultation information under the proxy callsign, "Kaguya".

Personal History Moira and Icarus have a lot in common.

She was born into wealth, born into prestige, and molded from birth to be part of the corporate lifestyle. Walk the right way, talk the right way, act the right way, flirt the right way. Moira took to corporate life well. A little too well. She learned the ropes quick, learned the system and how to use it. She received her first cybernetic graft at age sixteen, and that started a fantastic trend. By 18 she was on several watch lists for suspected cyber activity. By 21 she was wanted in three lesser developed nations for cyber activity. By 22 she found someone she could wrap around her finger to make the charges go away. Moira took to corporate life nicely.

By 28 she had graduated from a prestigious academy, and her parents were so proud. Their daughter had grown into such a beautiful woman, so calm and powerful. She knew what she wanted, and she knew how to get it. She became a corporate fixer, taking care of the problems of the upper elite. Find a woman, hide a body, score some drugs, hide the dealer. Making trouble appear and disappear was her caviar and champagne. Her talents extended to middle management as well. Promote from Within was the motto, and making openings was all part of the job.

She either learned something she shouldn't have, or got too good at her job. One day she woke up and it was all gone. Her bank account, zero zero zero. Her extensive cybernetics, licenses revoked. Her premium health insurance, gone. It took effort to crawl to the door, effort to stand, but she knew the game. Someone had burned her, and it wouldn't be too long before she was marked as a trespasser in her own home.

Oh yeah. Home? Gone.

She managed to make it to street level and vanish into the crowd before the corporate police came to arrest her. Japan was diverse. Very diverse. Anyone could vanish down here. Now came the hard part, adjusting to street life. Doing what needed to be done, getting in touch with WarezWolves to get illicit licenses for her cyberware so she could rebuild her life.
Career History Age 16: Primary Academy. Moira takes every cyber elective there is, sometimes twice. Her scores attract attention from the school board, and also the board of directors. Her future looks promising.

Age 18: Becomes a person of interest in four developing nations

Age 21: Wanted for suspicion of illicit cyber activities in several countries.

Age 22: Charges mysteriously dropped

Age 28: Graduated in top bracket of academy. Becomes corporate fixer. Gets hands very very dirty.

Age 30: Burned. Retreats to the streets.