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Team Leader Arani Ravenlocke

Name Arani Seyres Ravenlocke

Position Team Leader

Rank Team Leader

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half-Elf
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 182 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Like most half-elves, Arani tends to not quite fit in with either. Her athletic build is a bit too stout for the lithe and slim elves and yet her pointed ears hidden under her golden blonde hair and softer complexion doesn't stand out for a human.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arani Seryes Ravenlocke is well traveled and has quite literally "been there, done that" in her life. When she turned 18, she joined the French Foreign Legion long enough to get the skills to stake out on her own as a mercenary in Africa during the late 1980s. After being arrested by INTERPOL, she spent the 90s instead helping them track down war criminals in Africa, Central America and even the former Yugoslavia as part of a deal to stay out of prison, and things only go on from there. Security contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan, tracking drug cartels across the Americas, it seems Arani is attracted like a moth to a flame to warzones.

Arani's life reads like an adventure book series and yet it seems like she's looking for someone or something specific that has kept her drifting for the longest time until she finally arrived in Grace Point.
Strengths & Weaknesses Arani is a dedicated tracker and soldier of fortune. She has a wealth of knowledge in surviving in the wilderness, stalking targets, various combat methods and tactics. She doesn't seem to be entirely magically inclined, a lot of it seems tied to her tracking skills - in ancient days, she might have been known as a "Ranger". Her decades of experience and knowledge have taught her many skills and lessons, but even she knows there is more to learn.

However, Arani is a decidedly isolated person. She has never married, rarely dated, and forms few bonds that don't evaporate within 5-10 years. It's also clear she has a sort of obsession or goal she's been working on since becoming a mercenary in the 80s - but she won't tell anyone what it is.
Personal Goals Unknown to all but herself and a few very close family friends is her ultimate goal - find her father. Daniel Ravenlocke was a paratrooper in World War Two, married Arani's mother (a French Resistance fighter) but disappeared right before Arani's birth to fight as a mercenary (or perhaps for the CIA). By all records, he has been dead since 1969 but Arani learned otherwise. If the stories are true, he became a "revenant" - a wandering lost soul, craving vengence with an undead body for an unjust murder. And if so, he cannot be killed except by the weapon he was murdered with.

But what even Arani isn't sure of is if she will just set him free (having found the murder weapon a while back) or if she will deny him that until he explains himself.

In the meantime, while she hunts him in Grace Point, there's no sense in going at this alone and the world still needs money to move. Plus, doing some good here would go further than most places.
Hobbies & Interests When not at work, Arani likes to work on old cars, read books or work on puzzles - something to occupy her hands and mind. Part of why the main hideout includes a garage is for the first hobby.

Oddly, one would think her musical interests are timelocked around 1979 to 1989. It's one of her more noteworthy eccentric behaviors.

Personal History Arani was born in 1965 to her recently abandoned mother - a former French Resistance fighter who moved to the United States after the Second World War. Her early childhood was barely functional, her mother was in a deep depression and wasn't much of a mother. It wasn't until a family friend intervened and moved them back to France that she was able to grow up in a mostly normal household with her aunt and uncle in rural France. But her mother never recovered and Arani's resentment towards her absent father only grew and grew.

After learning more about her father's choice, she hatched a plan to find him in the chaos of wartorn Africa - first by joining the French Foreign Legion to learn the skills she'd need to do this. She only served one tour and left in 1987. A meeting with the family friend, a former British Army officer both of her parents knew and became a mercenary after World War Two, set her on the trail of her father but each time, they came close but not enough. With her only tie to her father dying in a hospital bed in Cape Town two years later, Arani was arrested by INTERPOL for operating as a mercenary in Africa during a time when that was causing significant harm.

Given her history of not helping the various dictators around southern Africa and being in a somewhat positive light by locals she interacted with, Arani was given a choice - help find other mercenaries and war criminals in exchange for immunity and possible pardoning. Seeing this as the only way now to find her father, she agreed. It was during this time she would fall into her own depression - seeing the absolute worst people could be as she tracked war criminals hiding in South America, the former Yugoslavia, Africa and Central America. By the time the job was done, she was pardoned of all charges and free to leave INTERPOL with a letter of commendation for her efforts.

For a brief time, she returned to the family farm in France, restless and unable to act on her obsession. Her mother was little more than a drunken depressed wreck, cursed by her elven blood to live well into this time (and by her siblings who wouldn't let her end it). Late 2001 changed the world and it set Arani back out into the world, searching combat zones as a private security contractor for her father once more. When the fires of war blazed in Mexico and Central America during the clashes with the cartels, she followed those to offer her assistance but also to find him. Once more, close but never close enough - yet she was doing good during this time. Her employers had good things to say about the wandering merc they would see and later never see again.

Finally, the trail led her to Grace Point. Something about this corrupt city seems to be telling her this is the place. And just as well - it's in need of people to do some good here.